Activate your mind & feel the difference with super-premium herbal products.

Our herbal products are made exclusively from herbs and spices that are purchased for a fair price and come from certified organic farms. In this way, we can ensure that the products are made from the best plants in the world.

Our capsules contain a proprietary full spectrum process that gently extracts the complete array of phytonutrients using a combination of supercritical CO2 and hydrophilic extractions. This process allows us to deliver a complete signature of the herb in its pure but concentrated form. No chemical solvents or high heat is used in the process, ensuring optimal stability and a complete profile of compounds, just as nature intended.


This new holistic extraction process allows for better absorption and a more complete and consistent activity in the body. The improved benefits are evident in the clinical trials already done on some of the products and the resulting patents, both US and international.

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-Stop forgetting where you put your keys.

-Remember details and facts with ease.

-Stay focused and calm all day and improve IQ scores.

-Enjoy energy without caffeine or stimulants.

-Get relaxed and improve your sleep without chemical isolates.

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The original brain formula with phase one and phase two, human clinical trials already completed on it. This patented formula is a fantastic addition to diet and a healthy lifestyle when calm focus is important for you or your family members.

Your days are longer than 5 hours so your energy supplement should last all day. NuEnergy, contains no stimulants like caffeine and is more than a quick fix

Relaxation and sleep never happened more naturally! This formula uses herbs that have been used for thousands of years to safely achieve a state of relaxation or to help you with normal healthy sleep patterns.

A patented memory formula with placebo-controlled, double-blind, human clinical trials already completed.Take control of the future you and take NuMemory+ daily to support a normal healthy memory!

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