Indiana Rules for Herbal Vapors



In the state of Indiana any device that is capable of providing an inhalable dose of nicotine by delivering a vaporized solution, and includes any components and cartridges, (regardless of if there is any nicotine in the liquid or the device) as a tobacco product.


Any manufacturer that is selling e-liquids or cartridges in Indiana must be licensed as a tobacco manufacturer.  We are licensed to manufacture these products with the state of Indiana. Lic # TC13542001    


Sell of these vapor products are limited to individuals 18 years of age or older.  Any Indiana retail operation selling vapor products must be licensed by the ATC and cannot be within 200 feet of a public or private elementary or secondary school.  These retail operations must apply for a license and only receive vapor products from a licensed manufacturer.  To apply You can fill out the application located here

Distributors must also have a license for distributing eliquid and vapor products.  This application can be found here.


These rules apply to all businesses that sell eliquid or vapor products to anyone in the state of Indiana, even if the business supplying the product is located outside of the state.


We are proud to be in full compliance with the Indiana state law for the manufacture and sale of these amazing products. If you are a health food store or similar natural retailer and want to start offering these products feel free to call us and discuss the process, we are happy to help you navigate the process.

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