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Inhale herbal vapors of ashwagandha and turmeric like the ancient Vedics. Ayurveda has a therapy called "Dhumpan" which is smoking herbs. The Vedics knew that the lungs are the fastest route to the body regardless of how good or poor a person’s digestion. Our modern vape pens use low temperatures to deliver the benefits without smoke.

These amazing products contain no chemical solvents, no synthetic carriers, no propylene glycol, no nicotine, and no vegetable glycerin. We only use 100 percent pure, perfect, natural plant oils and extracts.

Ingredients: Blend of CO2 extracted organic; flax (seed), valerian wallichi (root), nutmeg (seed), celastrus paniculatus (fruit), bacopa monnieri (leaf), cyperus rotundus (rhizome) and gotu kola (leaf).

REQUIRES 510 thread battery to function

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