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Dr. S. Phadke, Nuaxon Bioscience Advisor, Receives Coveted Ayurveda Fellowship


 Nuaxon Bioscience, Inc, a member of Nisarga Biotech Group is pleased to announce that Dr. Shrikrishna Phadke, Ph.D., a member of the Nuaxon advisory board, is the recent recipient of a prestigious fellowship with National Ayurveda University of New Delhi.  The fellowship is considered a lifetime achievement and premier honor among Ayurvedic scholars around the world.


Phadke is the sixteenth individual to receive the esteemed fellowship determined by the AYUSH department of Indian government.  Recipients are selected for their contributions in both teaching and communicating Ayurvedic philosophy, and outstanding innovation within the field.


“We at Nisarga Group are immensely proud to be working with a renowned scientist such as Dr. Phadke.  The fellowship is an immense honor and one that is much-deserved.  We are honored to continue working with Dr. Phadke as he advises us on making important strides in Ayurveda, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same in this amazing and ever-evolving field,” said Girish Soman, Nisarga Group Founder and Chairman.


Among his many contributions to the study of Ayurveda, Phadke is the author of several works, including “Principles of Ayurveda”, “Rebel Herbs in Ayurveda”, “Ayurveda, a Way of Life”, and a well-known textbook used by many universities in India, “Medicinal Herbs and Therapeutic Applications.”


As a professor of Ayurveda for more than 25-years, Dr. Phadke has taught many thousands of students in India, Europe, and the United States, including mentoring Ph.D. candidates.


A third generation Ayurvedic physician, Dr Phadke received his Ph.D. from Pune University in India, and  formerly served as a member of the board of the Integrated Council for Medical Research, the foremost research group on Ayurveda commissioned by the government of India. 


Dr. Phadke is co-inventor of an Indian patented process, supercritical extraction, which involves combining carbon dioxide extracts with hydrophilic extracts, which increases the therapeutic effectiveness of herbs. He is also co-inventor of NuroLight®, an herbal blend (U.S. patents US8110229B2 and US8394429B2) used to support memory, brain health, improved focus, and support for individuals with focus and attention issues.  NuroLight® is a key ingredient in Nuaxon products NuroFocus, for focus and calming support, and NuMemory+, for memory and brain support.


Nuaxon Bioscience, Inc. is a member of Nisarga Biotech Group, focusing on organic farming, supplying carbon dioxide extracts and providing clinically proven Ayurvedic supplements in U.S. markets.  Nuaxon is a sister company to Nisarga Biotech Pvt. Ltd., allowing both to share resources as they grow globally. For more information on Nuaxon Bioscience, Inc., including NuroFocus and NuMemory+ products, please visit




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